Monday, September 21, 2009

Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Items

Here is a list of my top ten favorite makeup items from the drugstore!

(I had planned to make a video, and still might. But I refuse to film myself with the giant stress zit that has overtaken my poor nose.)

*Keep in mind that most of these items can be procured at a bargain price by waiting for a BOGO. If you are patient, CVS or Walgreens will usually feature the major brands within a 1-2 month period.*

This liner is pretty good. As good as my MakeupForEver and Stila long-wearing liners on my oily lids. Basically, I am never satisfied with a liner pencil...I will keep looking....

As far as drugstore foundations go, I really like this one by Rimmel. The texture is nice--your skin shows through, just nicer. Love the smell, as I do most Rimmel products. (Note to Rimmel---make a fragrance!)

This is a great liquid liner for only about $2. I find it really easy to use and faster than a gel liner.

I think eyelash curlers are very personal---meaning they must fit the shape of your eye. I've used Revlon's since high school, and I always go back to it after straying. I think it just fits my eye.

Again, Rimmel gets me with their scent. But, I also really like the feel of these. I only wish the color selection was a bit wider at my local stores.

I had not used CG shadow in quite a while, when I heard Sarah (of Bella Makeup) rave about this trio. And she is right---it's really great. Well pigmented and the perfect neutrals! I have tried other CG trios/quads, but none compare to Shimmering Sands.

And this week Walgreens is offering BOGO FREE on it. Plus, my Walgreens gave me 2 $1 off coupons to add to my purchase! I got two lipsticks for less than $5!

Love this stuff! Did a video about it! Cheap and fabulous!!!

Really good stuff. Very volumizing! Look for it in sets and at Costco to save a little $!

This is my new favorite! It reminds me of my old "Holy Grail" mascara---the long gone Illegal Lengths (also Maybelline). Crazy length, but can be spidery. I like this in combination with the Lash Blast.

Leave a comment and let me know what you love from the drugstore!

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