Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Friend Makin' Mondays

Well, I am a bit late on this one (as in, it's now Tuesday)! What a fun concept this is---every Monday people can share on their blogs, and make new friends! Click here to check it out!

1. Favorite website~ Facebook

2. Favorite color~ Pink

3. Facebook? facebook.com/marmendy

4. Favorite Christmas song? Carol of the Bells

5. Christmas tree: Real or fake? Allergies=Fake

6. Hottest celebrity? Andy Garcia

7. Favorite restaurant? Sushi Yoko

8. Favorite magazine? People

9. Favorite thing to drink around the holidays? Champers

10. Favorite Christmas movie? Christmas Vacation


Carrie said...

That is a cool idea! When I clicked on the link it was just a link to the image though.

I love Christmas Vacation too, so funny!

mellisarock said...

Happy FMM@ I am starting to use facebook more and I love pink too!

Scarlett said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Carrie- I think I fixed the link in the text. Thanks for telling me!!! I really enjoy reading your blog! :)


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