Monday, March 30, 2009

Some things I'm loving!

When I "unfroze" my tanning membership this spring (I know.  Don't judge.), I was able to add *spray-tanning* to my package.  My salon uses VersaTan, and it is AWESOME!  

I am not a self-tanner gal---I always get streaky.  But this is different.  You get in a shower stall type box, and it sprays you first with tanner, dries you, then sprays you with moisturizer, and then dries you again.

VersaTan is nothing like what I had heard about MysticTan.  It gives a really even glow, without any orange at all.  I highly recommend it!

Love this stuff!  Heard about it originally from Lollipop26  whose blog and YouTube channel are both fab!
It's a "Nappy Cream" from Europe that really helps get rid of acne and redness.  It's also a great multi-purpose item for cuts, rashes and any general skin malady.  The scent is *wonderfully lavendery*.  Sudocrem is different from most of our US diaper creams in that it contains alcohol and has anti-bacterial properties.  My awesome globe-trotting Daddy brought me some from London, but it can be purchased on Ebay and various websites.


I am a sucker for MAC.  There are a few things I am really loving right now...

Shadesticks~ these are an everyday for me.  I use them as a base for my eyeshadow.  They really make my shadow stick on my oily lids.  I'm loving the new shades from the new Sugarsweet collection.

Mineralize Skinfinish~ this is MAC's Mineral Makeup.  I love it because it is really buildable, and can be as light or full coverage as you need.  Gives your skin a great glow and texture.

MV2 Fragrance~honestly, I haven't met a MAC fragrance I didn't like.  They are all really subtle and lovely.  Right now I like the MV2 because it seems *springlike*!

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