Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pat Field for Payless

Still reeling from my SATC viewing, I see the new line of shoes at Payless by Patricia Field (yes, I said Payless!).  Pat Field is the costume designer for Sex and the City, and is credited with most of the styles set off by the show.  She has an iconic boutique in NYC, and her own line.
I think the Payless shoes are good looking, but haven't seen them in person.  I'm wanting some metallic shoes, and at $35 and under, these look like a great deal.


MrsKatherineA said...

OH my gosh - I had no idea!! I love every pair you posted....running to Payless right this second - thank you!!!

Michele said...

Woah! Damn. I was just over there today (in Michigan) right next to a Payless. I wonder if they have them in Canada.
So cute!

Michele said...

No shoes in Canada! Drat. Next time I'm in Michigan this week I am seeking them out and will prevail!

Do you mind if I add your blog?! I really enjoy it! :)

Persian Tea said...

this is so fantastic! even more wonderful because it is affordable!! good find!


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