Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seven Songs

I have been busy getting ready for our annual beach trek!  One of the fun preparations is loading up the iPod with playlists.  I thought I'd post this meme about songs I am into...

Post 7 Songs You Are Into Right Now:

1.  Rockferry- Duffy (I am loving this Welsh gal's voice and her look!)
2.  Uno Mas Cerveza/Sangria Wine - Jerry Jeff Walker (these songs go together in my book, and they are beach staples!)
3.  Vahevala- Kenny Loggins (another summer song---a favorite of my parents!)
4.  Misery Business- Paramore (I am not usually a fan of music from the post-90's era, but I like these kids)
5.  Honky Tonk Women- The Rolling Stones (fabulousness)
6.  You Better You Bet- The Who ("Our Song" my sweet husband & I)
7.  Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison (My baby's self-proclaimed "theme" song)

Go ahead and share your list!!!

1 comment:

Carrie P said...

I like paramore too - but I especially like the acoustic version of misery business!


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