Thursday, July 17, 2008


Thanks to Kimberly over at Fab Finds Under $50, I am now enjoying making collages on Polyvore!

The one below is inspired by my dear friend, Erin. She lives in a great little town whose school mascot is a Zebra. Now you know, here in Texas, supporting the team/town is serious business. So everytime I see Zebra, I think of her! We are seeing Zebra quite a bit lately. It looks to be very "in" for Fall.

Here are some precious zebra print items I've seen lately--chic on the cheap:
Handbag $19.50
Top $15.80
Belt $10.99
Flats $13.99
Jacket $12.99
Rainboots $27.99
Backpack $29.99

1 comment:

MrsKatherineA said...

ooh I love this layout! I need to check this out, I love collage art!


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