Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weekend Plans

I have an exciting weekend ahead!

First, I am off to...

to my Godson's 2nd Birthday Party!  Fun with my wonderful family!

Then, Sunday I will be relaxing on a quilt with my favorite people and a cold beer watching and listening to...

I must admit that I will be missing this guy...
Oh, Steve Perry, why won't you tour?

V. excited to see these three legends!
And for my little girl's very first concert!!!
Rock & Roll!

Catch ya next week!


~Tessa said...

I like Journey best with Steve Perry too.

MrsKatherineA said...

oh I love the new look of your blog! This is such a great post too, sounds like a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Michele said...

Oooh, not the same w/out Steve Perry. Still, it will be super fun! My husband saw all three bands many times over when he was a wee teenage boy. Haha.


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