Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hi, hello, howdy, welcome!

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to *Scarlett Style*!  I would like this blog to be a mix of tips, tricks and information about style and life that I can share with my friends.  Whether it be shopping, makeup, clothes, books, kid stuff or cooking, I will pass on what I know!  Leave a comment if you like it or not, and let me know if I can give information on what interests you!


Sandi said...

Very cool! I would maybe like to have a blogspot. but i don't know if i have time for it really. I would like to post things about fitness and health and massage and you know just anything that drives me. :) good job sista!! <3 ya!

The Lavato Family said...

welcome aboard fellow blogspot blogger! Lovely site!!! Hope you don't mind if I link yours to mine. You've got GREAT insight girlfriend!

MrsKatherineA said...

I love all your makeup reviews, what a great blog!



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