Wednesday, April 2, 2008


After I posted "What I am reading" over on the right side of my blog, I thought about the public library.  

You see, I *love* to read!  So much that it is totally cost prohibitive for me to own all the books I read.  So I use the hell out of my local public library.

I was a total library kid growing up- loved it.  But, oh, how it has changed... in a good way.  At my local library you can go online to search the catalog for books, DVDs or anything they have.  Then you can request items be sent to your closest branch for you to pick up.  And they call you to let you know when said items have arrived at your branch!  How cool is that?

My daughter & I have a standing date for Storytime at our branch every week.  We then pick out books and DVDs for her, and Mommy picks up her books that were ordered online.  Perfect!  Aside from a few fines I incurred before I knew I could renew books online (again, how cool is that?), and taxes we pay anyway, the 'ol library is FREE!  And who doesn't love free?!?

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